Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Merchants and Artisans

Merchants Traveled By Sea,Rivers,And Roads,merchants traveled over long-distances.They Brought Goods From Highlands To Trade,shells, salt, exotic fish and marine mammals are some examples of goods they traded.They Were Very Good AT Trading Also.
Artisians built sculptures in the temples.They Painted Murals in Temples,They Weaved Baskets,They Also Designed Some Art for their gods.They Made Paper out of bark from fig trees.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Why I'm Against Cyberbulling

Cyberbulling Is Basically Two Minors Saying Hurtful Things To Each Other,Its A Law In Some Countries,And Some Kids Who Have Been Cyberbullied Either Had Emotional Breakdowns, Committed Suicide Or Became CyberBullies.
I Personally Am Against Cyberbulling Because,I Had Once Been Cyberbullied And It Isn't A Good Feeling, I Had An Emotional Breakdown,I Started Hurting My Self And Almost Committed Suicide,I Started Thinking What Would My Family And Friends Do Without Me?
So Please Think Consequences.........